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One more letter

As you see, the current version of PEN extended does not contain the problems in year 2008.

Please, send us number theory problems in national math olympiads ( taken in between September ’07 and June ’08 ) and selection test for IMO 2008 from your country. The problems we receive will be included in the first edition of PEN extended with contributor’s name.  The TeX format is available HERE.


Before submitting your TeX file, check out the following list. The national codes are from http://www.imo-official.org

Country Who contributed
AFG Afghanistan
ALB Albania
ALG Algeria
ARG Argentina
ARM Armenia
AUS Australia
AUT Austria
AZE Azerbaijan
BAH Bahrain
BGD Bangladesh
BLR Belarus
BEL Belgium
BEN Benin
BOL Bolivia
BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina
BRA Brazil
BRU Brunei
BGR Bulgaria
KHM Cambodia
CMR Cameroon
CAN Canada
CHI Chile
CHN People’s Republic of China
COL Colombia
CIS Commonwealth of Independent States
CRI Costa Rica
HRV Croatia
CUB Cuba
CYP Cyprus
CZE Czech Republic
CZS Czechoslovakia
DEN Denmark
DOM Dominican Republic
ECU Ecuador
EST Estonia
FIN Finland
FRA France
GEO Georgia
GDR German Democratic Republic
GER Germany
HEL Greece
GTM Guatemala
HND Honduras
HKG Hong Kong
HUN Hungary
ISL Iceland
IND India
IDN Indonesia
IRN Islamic Republic of Iran
IRL Ireland
ISR Israel
ITA Italy Donald Arapi
JPN Japan
KAZ Kazakhstan
PRK Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
KOR Republic of Korea
KWT Kuwait
KGZ Kyrgyzstan
LVA Latvia
LIE Liechtenstein
LTU Lithuania
LUX Luxembourg
MAC Macau
MKD The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
MAS Malaysia
MLT Malta
MRT Mauritania
MEX Mexico
MDA Republic of Moldova
MNG Mongolia
MNE Montenegro
MAR Morocco
MOZ Mozambique
NLD Netherlands
NZL New Zealand
NIC Nicaragua
NGA Nigeria
NOR Norway
PAK Pakistan
PAN Panama
PAR Paraguay
PER Peru
PHI Philippines
POL Poland
POR Portugal
PRI Puerto Rico
ROU Romania Cosmin Pohoata
RUS Russian Federation
SLV El Salvador
SAU Saudi Arabia
SEN Senegal
SRB Serbia
SCG Serbia and Montenegro
SGP Singapore
SVK Slovakia
SVN Slovenia
SAF South Africa
ESP Spain
LKA Sri Lanka
SWE Sweden
SUI Switzerland
SYR Syria
TWN Taiwan
TJK Tajikistan
THA Thailand
TTO Trinidad and Tobago
TUN Tunisia
TUR Turkey Fatih Kursat CANSU
NCY Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
TKM Turkmenistan
UKR Ukraine
UAE United Arab Emirates
UNK United Kingdom
USA United States of America
URY Uruguay
USS Union of the Soviet socialist republics
UZB Uzbekistan
VEN Venezuela
VNM Vietnam Nguyen Tho Tung
YUG Yugoslavia

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Big Picture

To PEN friends.

After about two months, we will weblish the first official edition of PEN extended with more problems. This means that PEN Problems Book has at least 1000 challenging Problems in Elementary Number theory.

THE NEXT STEP IS OBVIOUS: THE EFFICIENT USE OF DATABASE. It entirely depends on you, PEN friends! To complete PEN Solutions Book, we need your help and more PEN Team members.

We all wait your creative solutions(including generalizations and comments) for problems in PEN Problems Book or in PEN extended. We want young minds who proofread “with sharp eyes” the solutions in our supporting site at ML. We need more people who do the TeXing work on the PEN Problems Book. If you want to participate this forever Project, then please let us know!

The second season of Problems of Bi-Week Project will begin later, not starting in 1st July. At least after IMO, maybe around August. All I can say now is that it will take some time. I hope, at least before the second week of September. In the second season, we will meet many number theory problems from IMO Short List Book ’07.  See you soon!

from PEN Team

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PEN extended!


Here is the pdf file of PEN extended (version 0.9)! Lots of interesting problems from recent mathematics olympiads are available, YAY! Good problems from this book will be taken, and included to the original PEN Problems Book. If you find any typos or errors, then please email us at  pen@problem-solving.be

PEN Problems Book has 649 problems and PEN extended has 337 problems!


One more thing. We have a Project PEN Group on facebook. Anyone who loves number theory is welcome!

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Summer Break!

Hi, all! Now, we have a summer break. The second season of PEN will begin in July!

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